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Sparkling with Sequins

Alice Armenta


The Mindy dress is stunning, there’s no doubt, but if you are like me and see the ‘wash by hand’ your instant thought is “OH, heck NO!”  But no fear my friend! Here is an easy 3 step guide to teach you all you need to know to wash your stunning sequin dress ready over and over again.  


Make sure you know what the base of the sequin dress is. Sequins that are sewn on don’t usually get harmed in a gentle cycle wash but the base of the fabric could, the last thing you want is your dress to loose shape! So whether you wash by hand or in a gentle cycle inside a washing machine just make sure you know what you are dealing with. But no matter the shimmery sequin you are working with make sure you TRUST the experts who made the label. It's usually on the inside seam of the dress.  Make sure you understand that polyester doesn’t shrink, and if you wash by hand rayon won’t shrink either. Heat is the enemy, but that is step 3… first step 2


If you can have a specific spot that needs to be washed, spot clean it, it may not need a full washing!

If you choose to machine wash or hand wash clothes with sequins, start by buttoning up or zipping up the garment completely while it’s inside out, so the garment is protected. For extra safeguard place the dress in a mesh lingerie bag. With machine wash always use the gentle cycle with a cold water wash and rinse and a mild detergent. We love Dreft! Is amazing! It’s made for babies, it's so gentle! Set the spin cycle on the lowest speed to prevent damage to the sequins.

If you brave the washing by hand, wash in a large sink or even the bathtub is super useful. Again, start by buttoning up or zipping up the garment completely while it’s inside out, so the garment is protected. Gently wash and hang to dry!



Whether you have sequins that are sewn on or glued, the dryer will murder you beautiful shimmery sequins! Heat is no friend of sequins, so make sure you don’t iron it either. I’ve said it many times, a steamer will be your BFF! It’s the perfect finish touch to your stunning look.

So if you machine or hand wash, make sure you hang to dry! It’s actually a great practice to put into place with all your garments.

If you don’t own a steamer, you can get wrinkles out by hanging them in a steamy bathroom for 30 minutes before wearing.

Cleaning a sequin dress isn’t as bad as you thought!  You got this girl! Sequins are a perfect way to glam! Don’t let the washing scare you away!